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    Canadian Trucks, Tractors, Trailers,
    Machinery & Heavy Equipment
    Sell your highway tractor, trailer, service truck,
    backhoe, excavator or any other type of business equipment just like the dealers. Multi­listing
    your equipment with leasing gives you more exposure to a larger market, producing more
    leads and ultimately selling faster for more money.

LeaseDeal Commercial Leasing

Private Sale Tractor & Trailer Leasing

Buying a tractor, trailer or both privately just got easier with Equipment Sellers LeaseDeal partnership. Whether you have excellent, poor, or new credit we have a Leasing solution for you and your business.

Commercial and Business Vehicle Leasing

Whether you need an economical vehicle for your home based business, a heavy duty service truck, or a fleet, we have the funds and program for you. Leasing available from $5000. to $50 Million with the easiest qualifying requirements in Canada.

Heavy Equipment Leasing

New or Used Equipment of any age, from a private seller or a dealer. Get your new machine with low payments by combining our best rates and flexible terms. Our approval process is fast and easy with no obligations.

Machinery Leasing

Are you looking to start a business or replace aging machinery? We lease new startups as well as existing business. If you have machinery you already own we can help you leverage the equity in those assets to self lease and grow. Ask us how.